With over 30 years of experience, the Network CPR team has worked with clients in a broad spectrum of industries. We have built lasting relationships with our clients by listening to their needs and offering personal, straightforward solutions that work.

Network CPR is a premier staffing and national consulting firm with the mission of putting military veterans back to work. Through a unique ability to access skilled veterans across the country and a subject matter expertise which has become nationally recognized, we are the go-to firm for companies looking to hire our nations’ heroes.

With our capability to recruit anywhere in the US, an innovative screening, mentoring and training program for veterans, and our expertise in providing a myriad of consulting services, it’s no wonder why so many Fortune 500 companies currently rely on Network CPR to build out and enhance their workforce.

Network CPR in conjunction with Microsoft and the GI bill, covers cost to train veterans who receive free certifications.

Client Benefits


Veteran Services:
Network CPR has developed a program specifically to recruit, train, certify, and integrate military veterans into the IT workforce.  This is a Nationwide program.


Network CPR understands the nature of your IT staffing requirements and has organized a network of highly qualified consultants that offer an impressive array of skills including hardware, software, operating systems, databases, project management, programming languages, systems design, and numerous IT methodologies.

More than ever, dependency on the specialized skills of these select consultants is paramount to the success of your business. Because your IT infrastructure can frequently change, IT staffing requirements also change. As a result, the use of contract staffing is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

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Technical Expertise Includes:

  • crypt-159113_960_720.png
    • CRM
    • ERP Technologies
    • IT Security
    • Storage Technologies
    • Technical Training
  • database-schema-1895779_960_720.png
    • Instructional Design, Development and Delivery
    • Data Warehousing
    • Business Intelligence
  • network-2389531_960_720.jpg
    • Telecommunications and Subject Matters Experts
    • Consulting and Planning
    • Network Design, Implementation and Administration


iMAc & Desktop

Moving to a new office location ? Or re-configuring an existing environment ? Network CPR can provide computer desktop support to help you deploy new equipment cascade older machines, complete and hardware deployments, and transfer data. We document each process to ensure consistency and accuracy. Network CPR will even train the end-user on any and all modifications made. Let us be your Dell EMC partner!

  • Pre-move audits and planning

  • De-installation of all computer equipment including peripherals and cable strip outs from desks.

  • Transportation of IT equipment

  • Re-installation of equipment to agreed standards.

  • Network connections, testing and script running.

  • Cable management services including pre cabling of furniture.

  • Ecological disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment.


PC Deployment & Refresh
Network CPR Inc. can assist in defining your overall strategy for upgrading and replacing hardware and software on a consistent basis, as well as provide scheduling, announcements, and training for deployments, archiving and transferring of data, managing end-user sign-off, and creating a support structure that works in parallel with the dedicated support team.

Personal computer refreshes and ongoing management of your technology fleet is a major undertaking that involves numerous steps.

Network CPR has a proven track record that helps reduce potential drains on your organization’s time and resources.

With an on board team of seasoned resources, Network CPR offers an innovative approach to the overall PC refresh life-cycle.

Our dedicated project team develops a plan focused on reducing interruptions to business operation and utilizing the project’s budget to delivery maximum value.


Operational Support
Network CPR is here to support you.

Whether you are rolling out the latest operating system patches or managing an enterprise Windows 7 environment, Network CPR is there to support you — from initial design and planning, through testing and deployment, to on-going support.  

Our technicians are trained and certified on the latest hardware & software, including Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, HP and many others.

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