5 Trends in IT Staffing Expected for 2020 - From Network CPR, IT Staffing in New Jersey

With a booming economy, staffing will continue to see challenges in every field. 

As tough as most industries have it, however, those conducting IT staffing in New Jersey and around the nation will see even greater obstacles than most. Skilled labor is in increasingly short supply as job openings continue to expand.

We expect that the shrinking IT labor pool will likely drive most staffing trends over the next year.

Shortages in Skilled IT Workers

According to CBS News, in 2019, technology was one of the top four fields experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. Shortages stem from not only a lack of workers overall, but also a limited number of individuals willing to relocate to tech hub areas, such as California.

As a result, salaries for occupations such as solutions architects have seen jumps of nearly five percent over a year’s time.

Expanded Competition for Workers

Fewer workers means more competition. More companies are struggling to hire the best talent from a shrinking pool. 

The trick lies in figuring out what will bring the best to your company’s door. 

According to a poll, higher salaries may not always provide the right answer for recruiting and retaining talent. Overall, the poll showed that happiness at work provided greater incentives than even the best possible salary. 

The poll suggested that aspects of a happy work environment included better opportunities for training, more flexible schedules, increased time off, and a shorter commute.

More Military Veterans Will Come into the Field

As the war winds down in Afghanistan and troops return home, military veterans will form a larger number of IT applicants.

One of the special challenges that employers must consider lies in expecting all applicants to hold a college or university degree. Increasingly, the job market has pushed employers with IT needs to accept military training and experience in lieu of a college degree. 

Top Positions in IT in 2020

Over 2020, several IT positions will see higher demand than others. In most cases, these serve as continuations of existing trends. 

According to Human Resources Today, these will be the top in-demand IT positions in 2020:

  • Mobile apps developers will remain in strong demand for the foreseeable future. With 5G approaching, apps will likely continue to expand in capability and complexity, making the filling of jobs in this field vital.
  • Software engineers remain on the cutting edge of every industry. With the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technologies expanding in capability and use, demand for engineers will keep rising.
  • Video game designers and engineers will also stay in strong demand. More powerful game system processers, as well as the increased ability of mobile devices to run games, will result in expanded need for talent in this field.
  • Big data means big employment in 2020. Data will keep driving the forward progress of a number of industries. Companies will need talent that can gather, store, analyze, and, most importantly, protect data.
  • The health care industry continues to see its needs expand as the Baby Boomer generation ages into needing increased medical services. IT needs from health care are immense, from genomics to health care administration and record-keeping

Unrealistic Employer Expectations

Many employers understand the job market’s competitiveness has ushered in a new era of recruitment.

Others remain stuck in an era where the employers held the leverage and large numbers of candidates sought out positions from them. Employers with the latter attitude will offer lowball salaries, heap responsibilities on staff, and not take feedback into consideration.

These present problems to the employer and staffing consultants much more than the job seekers.

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