Commonly Asked Questions of Network CPR

At Network CPR, we embrace a high standard of excellence and performance in providing business solutions, but aim even higher than great client service. We also dedicate ourselves to providing opportunities for our highly trained, skilled, and motivated military veteran workforce.

Though we encourage you to get in touch if you need assistance, for your convenience we have also included several of our most commonly asked questions.

Does Network CPR Have a Strong Record of Experience?

We have over three decades of experience providing technical assistance and support in a variety of ways, to a broad range of companies in different industries. By taking the time to listen to clients and acting to meet their needs, we have established a solid reputation in the area.

How Do You Assist Veterans?

We work nationwide to help to connect veterans with valuable skills and proven expertise with positions where they can support business or organizational success. 

Our screening and training programs ensure that the veterans who come to work with your organization have the preparation and knowledge required to succeed in the job assigned to them.

Why Should I Contract Out For Relocation Experience?

Office relocation for organizations that rely heavily on technology can create endless problems for a staff untrained and inexperienced in the field. While most can accomplish the task of relocating on their own, the time taken and inconveniences suffered can cost your company much more than simply hiring an experienced crew of technicians to do the work instead.

Our team takes a strategic approach to relocation, laying out a plan of action and deploying resources to ensure that you can get up and running as quickly as possible.

Why Should I Get Help With a Technology Plan?

Businesses that rely on technology should maintain and continually update an IT plan. As equipment ages, it may require updates and replacement. 

How Can Network CPR Help With My Technology Plan?

Our team of highly experienced technicians can help you to develop a technology plan based on your needs both today and what you anticipate in the future. 

That includes advice on which products and services can best support your business goals at the beginning, as well as guidance on how to implement an upgrade and replacement program that makes sense for you.

As your business needs change, we can work with you on adjusting the plan and its implementation.

In What Ways Can You Offer Operational Support For My Business?

We can provide desktop support for your operation in a variety of ways. We can consult with your organization on how to set up systems with the proper scale, scope, and capabilities. Our team can also manage the implementation of IT projects to ensure they get done quickly and properly.

Finally, when trouble emerges we stand ready to work for you. We can provide help in maintenance, repairs, troubleshooting, and more.

Does Your Company Work to Reduce Its Environmental Footprint?

We work with our clients to solve important issues of responsible disposal. Electronic components contain mercury and other compounds that can leach dangerous poisons into the ground if thrown away improperly. 

We work with companies that can eliminate e-waste safely, and with as little pollution byproduct as is possible.

Does Network CPR Only Work With Large Companies?

Not at all. We work with small businesses, major corporations, and other organizations. Every client, regardless of size, gets 100 percent dedication to satisfaction. 

How Do I Get In Touch?

Please reach out to us via phone or message with any questions about our services. You can callus at (732) 333-0896 or send an inquiry here